EveryBaby page designs are composed with traditional typography and ornaments, but with a modern touch.  All pages are black & white for easy printing at home, Kinko’s or any other printing resource.  Printing on a variety of colored and pre-printed patterned papers adds unique flavor to every book.
Pages are proportioned for printing on 8.5" x 11" paper.  Generous margins allow plenty of space for three-ring, spiral, post, or alternative album bindings.
Print only the pages that you need!
EveryBaby Memory Book Pages are packaged in Coudal Partner’s Jewelboxing system.
Booklet inside includes instructions and complete index.
Pages are black & white with unique borders and detailed typography.
Chapters cover every aspect of childhood and parenting.
Choose any variety of colored and lightly-patterned papers for printing.
What You Get ::  There are 19 PDF files on the CD, one for each chapter or section, adding up to 173 pages. The booklet includes directions for printing and a few suggestions for use. Inside the booklet there is a complete, detailed index of file names and pages included on the disk.  The disk and booklet are packaged in Coudal Partners’s elegant Jewelboxing system (www.jewelboxing.com).
Chapters Included :: Baby Shower • Birth Story • Adoption Story • All About You
Your Health Records • Your Dental Records • Special Caregivers • Classes & Activities
Preschool • School Days • All About Mom • All About Dad • All About Us • Family Tree Birthday Celebration • Title Pages • Journal Pages • Border Pages
System Requirements :: Macintosh® or Windows® computer with CD-ROM drive; Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® 5.0 or higher (free download at www.adobe.com); 35MB free hard drive space (optional – files can be printed from CD.)
A Few Suggestions ::
  1.   Print one copy of all pages for reference, then select pages to be be printed in multiples
      as needed.
  2.   Bring pages to the baby shower, hospital, adoption journey, birthday party, or other
      memorable event without risking damage to the entire memory book.
  3.   Insert key documents and photographs in between EveryBaby pages in bound book.
  4.   Create a separate book for School Days.
  5.   Print and spiral-bind a 12-month calendar or journal.
  6.   Spiral-bind a set of Daily Journals for caregivers.
  7.   Build a unique book just for Birthday Celebrations.
  8.   Build Family Tree chapter with extended family members.
  9.   Photocopy family background chapters for multiple children.
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EveryBaby Memory Book Pages are for your personal use only. They may not be redistributed or used for commercial purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, sharing, selling, reselling and altering. Sharing electronic files with third parties is strictly prohibited.
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